UPDATE: Bounty Program and Product.

Hello everyone, before all, thanks for your support in our bounty program, we are in the 1st. STAGE of it, however we a strong community, real and genuine, with potential investors knowing us deeply. It request time, and we are not going to speed up things. we have all the tools and strategies to create it, if you speed up things or some steps is not well linked, it could be a mistake, so, our decision is growing with the bounty program, add new tasks, create a solid community and once we feel the necessary confidence and firm structure, we will launch the 2nd. STAGE of our bounty.

In the meantime, we are in phase 1 running a successful BOUNTY PROGRAM, we are thinking an evaluating the numbers obtained, and the quality of our community.

The 2nd STAGE will bring you a lot of important news, we want something different in all sense, not common things where the crypto sphere is overhelmed. We will build a crypto company working and it gives us important advantage respect to the rest of the projects.

Now, we are financing all step, with private partners and we are talking with new ones, but all take a time.

Respect to the PRODUCT, we are glad to announce this update, we are negotiating and working hard in the design, development and cost of it.

We want to reach the token sales with the product working, where all is internconnected with the best technology APP+ Core Platform, and safety networks transfering information fastly and safety. Soon more news.

Thanks for joining us, and be part of our community, all comments are constructive for us, so they will be appreciated, inclusive constructive critics.

In this simple imagen, you only see garbage, we see millions… REMEMBER IT.

We are a disruptive project extracting data from the waste and turn it into millionaire information for smart decisions. Our website domain www.wasteinfonet.com