3 min readNov 6, 2021

First of all, thank the support of our community that are daily genuine members and collaborate in the project with their contributions from minute zero.
For those who know me, you know that as CEO of Wasteinfonet, I always keep you updated, of each step the team takes, we did something called introspective analysis, which allowed us to evaluate ourselves and based on the data obtained, achieve even further improvements and avoid future mistakes.
Although errors are always part of a process and put into practice we know that they start with more force, we keep advancing on a program that will attract a large part of the crypto community and also investors, we are working on the module of TRPLIE REWARD, this is that each user of our web-app will obtain benefits from three different places or methods, in a very simple way.
We have also thought about the most important thing our investors and clients.
Our investors will obtain through an instrument that we add rewards given by the binance network and that will allow us to offer them the best returns after the IDO.
We have received many questions about our pre-launch reorganization program and I can tell you that only we are walking steadily, we are not running in search of raising funds without first thinking about thorough adoption programs. Most of the start-ups launch their projects, they go straight to the IDO but then they cannot go on to finalize the adoption because they never thought and worked with scenarios and based on simulation methods and previous research.
As CEO, I assure you that the entire team has a great commitment to achieve not only a tremendous success in the IDO but also that we continue to take time, and avoid mistakes because for a couple of months we have been working very deeply on the “adoption” which is the genuine value that the project will have.
I am sure that these extra times and various changes that we make will serve as the basis for the success of each of the members who work with us interacting.
Our situation: Soon we will announce a battery of news that is all interrelated, and that will surprise the crypto world.
In our team there is no one who cannot be replaced, therefore this is a permanent requirement that makes us grow and obtain continuous improvement.
The news will come and surprise, but introspective processes are a path to success for many companies, and the path to failure for those who do not.
Simply Wasteifnonet …. revolution in the information coming soon.

As CEO it is my responsibility to create not only a project but also a value chain where all participants have benefits, for the first time we also think about the investor, and we consider it as a key factor, and we will also talk with each investment and We will explain our plans so that they have all the information.

Soon the best is coming ….




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