4 min readMar 19, 2022

Our release for all of our community from Wasteinfonet as CEO, it is a pleasure to have you who have been following us for months, this time we have important news to communicate to you and long-awaited information that we promised and are delivering.
I don’t particularly like to say here you are, if not, on the contrary, to deliver the news product of a great effort and an amazing team with which all this would not have been possible, and most importantly with the support of all of you.

Today we are very happy that so much effort and dedication, tireless work, and continuous improvement allow us to announce various news.

Among them the most important, which I will mention, will allow us to deliver the best of each one of us and of all the parties that work with Wasteinfonet.

As is my custom, I feel fortunate to be able to tell you about all the progress and developments achieved; Always making it clear that we are constantly working and we have a long way to go.

  1. The official launch of our PRODUCT, already tested and in the Mobile App version, to allow our entire community easy access in this first stage, and then our intelligent database interconnected with the mobile app web device.
    On which we add new features of faster processing of information and new features.
    Our product can be accessed through the URL: where you can register and start being part of our community and start getting rewards. We include guides but you will also have our support on telegram and through 24h support via mail.
    * It is important to mention: that this product (MOBILE APP) is for exclusive use on all mobile devices, this is not a desktop version, and this basically happens because it has a scanner that requires mobility to access data from the garbage in every home.
    ** It is also important to mention: that together with the Token Sales, it will be the moment from which the rewards will begin for everyone and the support and all its development will be activated, now generating a pre-stage that we call “knowledge of the product” .

2. We also want to announce that after many improvements made to our business model, based mainly on obtaining information from the garbage so that once it is transferred, it generates information for making million-dollar decisions, we have also added features and a parallel model that It will allow investors to obtain daily rewards in USDT while the adoption process is carried out, as well as new tools that we will incorporate to give more and more rewards and benefits. It is a pleasure for us that you can visit our new website: where you will be able to carefully observe the transformation that we carry out on our business model and that we will continue to carry out permanently.

3) We have worked hard to establish contacts with clients and we are in negotiations with many more, in order to generate profits and consolidate our business step by step, also taking into account the development of several communities with which we have already begun to work for to be able to expand our database and grow strongly with a specially designed segmentation plan that will be monitored all the time.

4) It is also lovely to be able to tell you that after 1 year and 4 months of hard work, we are finalizing negotiations with a platform for token sales (IDO presale) that will be announced shortly.

All this news excites us and we believe that work is the way to success, and that there is still a long time to add improvements on many aspects.

I wish the best to all our followers and to our future communities of other languages ​​that follow us and are already working with us.

CEO- Wasteinfonet. Dr. Federico Fornicoia




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