May 20, 2021

2 min read

The flight starts to take off… Wasteinfonet

We are working hard in several stuffs, we want the best project and unique, we have the best strategies and the know-how for reach our targets and comply with our planification, however a plan is not statics, in the most modern sector in the world based on blockchains and many more disruptive tech tools, with the management of the human being, It is the perfect combination, we are making a great effort to improve every day, each step we take, each new thing we do, we are not really in a hurry, we know that we have the best team ready to turn this project into a company with high profits. and totally new in the age of garbage-based information. We want continuous improvement, total quality, even though total quality does not exist, we seek constant improvement and seek to transcend beyond the cryptographic market and just launch one more project, but nevertheless, thousands of projects alone They were concerned for these years about the collection and making an excellent token sale, we are beyond that, we work to receive the funds and execute the plans to begin to obtain benefits quickly.
Then we already have in mind our expansion strategy, and our other activities that we will carry out more specifically also based on garbage. Today we want to tell the community that as CEO I have decided to make fundamental changes in the team, there are very valuable people who participate in stages, but as in any evolutionary process I consider that in some aspects people with new experiences are needed that will allow us to add more value . The changes are fundamental, the static is the old marketing model from decades ago, however modern marketing tells us that an exhausted resource, whether material or human, must be renewed, and as the leader of the entire team, I will make all the changes that are necessary. necessary without fear, criticism, or questioning of why these happen. Simply these changes happen because it is my responsibility to maintain at all times the best team to achieve the current objectives and the new ones that are soon to come as well. In terms of the product, we have also made some changes to add important parameters and improve every day what we will deliver soon. At the moment it is a pleasure to have our community that every day will be bigger, and above all what we seek is that it be faithful and genuine, and with high aspirations to grow. We are also evaluating “ambassadors in some countries” and we have much more to tell you soon. The best is yet to come… Stay tune with us… CEO & Team Wasteinfonet.