Feb 3, 2021

1 min read

Some of our customer — receivers of information

We have already developed the entire circuit, information flows of different types, the basis for obtaining data, the data transfer networks, the reception and storage center, the customized information and the specific information, and finally the transfer to our clients (companies) that will use this important information for the purpose of several and multiple utilities, such as, by way of examples: knowing how the sale of a new product launched works, which happens month by month with a product line, a follow-up of consumer tastes in a given period, but above all, there will also be exclusive information that will allow knowing how each generator household moves, if there is a change in brands, in tastes, if there is a relationship between price and behavior If there is an increase in quality and the response is favorable, that is, there are many variables, that is why we speak of a multi-parameter platform.