3 min readDec 24, 2021

First of all thanks to our community for the daily support and waiting for the launch. As CEO today I have decided to take extreme measures since several people in Telegram were scammed with supposed private sales, this happened very quickly 2 days ago and we alerted in our Telegram group.

As you know, I am characterized by flexibility and adaptation to different contexts, both adverse and beneficial, therefore also taking quick actions before any deviation in our planning.
We are working on a security plan so that our entire community is more protected from lick scammers, who make profits with people who are just starting out, and also with those experienced using our logos.
This security plan that we will be implementing will allow us to avoid this type of scams, that is why I decided with my team to close the Telegram channel, which will remain with restrictions until the plan is implemented.
Among the measures that I can announce include a first stage, the following so that they can help all of our investment community.

1. Wasteinfonet’s official announcements will be made exclusively by Medium, and on our official account =>
which is also linked to our Twitter account.

2. No other channel will offer official news that corresponds to Wasteinfonet.

3. We are in dialogue with several exchanges, and platform for launching our IDO, however the team decided for now, that we will not have Private Sales. With this, it is well specified that we are not in the Private Sales stage.

4. We continue to work hard and tirelessly on various aspects related to an important event and to highlight that we have implemented, and this basically corresponds to a post-IDO stage, where the features that we have added in our program and business model, will allow both trash scanners and our investors reap daily rewards, as we continue to work on adoption and our plans.

5. We will establish mechanisms of multiple rewards helping in this way that our intelligent database can grow strongly, this differentiates us from the rest of the projects where investors must wait for the adoption for a long time without obtaining any resource and reward.

6. At all times we will be monitoring the need to implement changes, and this should bring confidence to the entire investment community that we will be working to make things better every day.

7. We will launch a special bounty program on various websites, and we are already working and developing various communities with a large number of investors and users of our product.

8. I am sure that we are on the right path, and I always say in Wasteinfonet “we walk, we do not run” and we have a team with a human quality that makes us different.

It is a pleasure for me and the entire team to wish you the best of everything and carry the message that the work and the wait will produce enormous benefits.

Wasteinfonet Team. The revolution in the garbage & information coming soon.




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