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3 min readNov 20, 2021

Our communication this weekend is related to the philosophy and investment awareness, we know our project, we have strategies and we will have everything we need very soon to formally deliver a job built with a lot of effort, but not a job. That will end in the token sale, if not a job that already started more than 1 year ago and that will begin a new stage after adding investors.
Our philosophy is not to run, today as CEO I have observed that there are 14,500 projects listed on Coinmarketcap, and as an entrepreneur with extensive experience in multinational companies, I can assure you that of those 14,500 projects, only a few hundred will remain. I cannot refer to any particular project, but I have been an investor, and I know very well that there are projects that do not show their profits, which are foundations, non-profit organizations, and I wonder what they offer to their investors?
The fashion of staking, farming, pooling, and other characteristics, are granting more than interesting benefits, the games industry and rewards as well, but I have noticed that there are many repeated projects with different colors.
That is why our philosophy lies in giving our investors the possibility of participating in a project that no one has launched yet, that has no competition, and that on our basis that we will turn garbage into very valuable information for companies, we continue working to add even more attractions.
My motto is continuous improvement, improvement over what is improved, we are a group that seeks to carefully observe the terrain, evaluate each step, and not be in a hurry, simply not stop working one day.
Our project, changed a lot since 1 year ago, as CEO I thought about other tools, other strategies, but the dynamics of the crypto market, and continuous improvement led me to keep changing, in a context where I evaluate each positive change, and deviations that exists in every project.
We are going to give our investors a great opportunity, really very soon, and a large part of the crypto community will offer something totally disruptive and innovative, my culture and that of my team was based on building value and that is what we are going to achieve. . Much news is to come, I simply tell you that we do not stop for a minute thinking about adding tools and being innovative.
Create a difference, build carefully, and on mistakes the need to change. Static or pseudo-dynamic structures no longer work in these years, and our gaze points far beyond the sale of tokens, our focus is focused on the quality and quantity of elements that will allow us to grow strongly. I thank the entire community for the continued support.

I present to you all the main structure of our product.




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