Feb 11, 2021

2 min read

Our research done for selecting our first stage, studying each step.

The WasteInfonet company, in its finance area, has an important team and its established business model, on which several projections were made, which were extracted from various markets using research analyzes, owned and obtained from widely credible sources.
We have made an analysis of the active and participatory population currently in the cryptographic world, which allowed us to define the most important countries that show more interests in the crypto sphere and allows us to disembark in the first operational stage without a doubt with greater success, in economies where technology and the human factor achieve the best equation to position ourselves and develop markets that will then serve as the basis for growth in others.
Here we involve when selecting these countries many demographic, economic, technological factors, and countries that have a lot to grow.

During the design, several possible scenarios were drawn up, carrying out a totally profitable business model from the start-up stage, unlike many other projects or companies that have a high investment and that take years to achieve profitability, here we have worked with low costs for the start-up of our project, which allows us to show the investor profitability in the very short term, something totally remarkable to point out, and where the strong contribution of the human factor and the optimization of resources, constitutes a premise for us. More details will be delivered soon, however, each step we take is carefully taken by analyzing each geographical area and the characteristics of each country one by one.