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Our developments and current situation

For security reasons, our community knows that official announcements and updates are made by this means that we have chosen.
We have come a long way of more than 1 year and 2 months since we started, this has allowed us to grow, learn, and incorporate new tools all the time, as well as correct deviations in order to provide our investment community with a product that meets with all the functionalities and have a long-term projection without, for that reason, running out of short-term rewards.
We have learned and implemented time management, as well as the most modern implemented in large multinationals.
We have mixed a disruptive business such as garbage and the value that it has hidden and we have listened to the cryptographic investment community about what they want, we have adapted our business model based on the needs of a market as dynamic as the crypto market.
We know that there is anxiety among our investors, and that we find ourselves several times in the absence of official news that can be partially offered, but the entire work team and especially as CEO have decided to safeguard the interests of the project and the future value that they will have. our investors, we are cultivating and sowing, and we have already obtained the fruits of the work carried out, but the competition of hunters of copied projects exists, we are aware of this, we are not afraid, but we do not want our model to be misconfigured either.
I am not a person that I like to call “delays” but rather, I like to find the right moment, shoot a bullet and hit the center, in our time in several companies we have learned that the important thing is not to arrive first, if not knowing how to get there
And that is why our times are also managed by criteria and variables that we all discuss internally and, as we have mentioned many times, “timing” is essential for doing business and having a planned projection and knowing as much as possible about the variable face that is subject to a risk.
Mitigating these risks is not our creation, but it is a learning that we are obliged to carry out if we want to walk the path of success.

The current state of affairs:

-We are already working in the final stage on an adaptation that we have made combining two models, one long-term that, as everyone knows, is based on information extracted from the garbage with enormous potential, and another on systems that we have implemented thanks to the DEFI space and blockchain technology that will allow us from the end of the token sale to grant daily rewards to our investors and our community or as we also call it “our army of scanners”
-We found part of the specialized finance team monitoring the market, something that no project so far has been interested in, this is not just adding the anti-whale system in the smart contract, but also really observing our external part, our future market in which we will be listed very soon.
- Negotiations with the token sale platform are coming to an end, soon we will announce which is our chosen platform and with which we have been working for a long time.
- Investors love figures, and that is why I have prepared some of them to share with you:
Our team has more than 154,000 hours of experience and learning in sectors such as programming, economics, finance, management, advertising and marketing.
So far we have spent a total of 14,000 hours on this project, which implies a large workload, and many hours of debate, research and implementation.
We have analyzed more than 100 countries, cryptographic communities, and their economies, which allows us to select and design the best positioning strategies.
We have established through studies that each inhabitant of the world throws away more than one kilogram of garbage daily on average, a figure that implies 280 billion kilograms of garbage per year out of a world population of 7.8 billion inhabitants, immeasurable figures, on which Millions are hiding.
- We are working on various associations and on various communities in Eastern countries, as well as discussing with large multinational companies.
- We are in the final stage very, very close to the token sales.
- A special bounty will be made that will allow many to get to know us and become part of our community as well as being a marketing tool with a reward system.

Finally, as CEO and my entire team, we guarantee our community that we are becoming stronger every day and that we are already generating value for investors.
Simply Wasteinfonet — The revolution coming.





We are a disruptive project extracting data from the waste and turn it into millionaire information for smart decisions. Our website domain www.wasteinfonet.com