Mar 9, 2021

2 min read

News: Glad to share the phases of our APP as a part of our core platform.

We are glad today for sharing with everybody our advance in the development of our product, in this case, the APP for Android and IOS, is being developed as one of the important part of our circuit bringing us one of the most important tools for users can download the APP and start to use it scanning the barcodes of each product in the waste recipient. Once done it, the user will save the info en the APP and transfer the information to our core platform for processing all the information received and later, we will the best data for our customers can take decisions with high returns and increase the profits.

APP is only a part of our product, but we are making a big effort in all the development phase for reach the token sales moment with part of our product already working.

It will allow to create an important database in the 18 countries selected of the first phase of our plan, once growing the database we will test how is working the APP, the improvements and we will show a beta version before the token sales. It means that we are investing before receive the funds for building all our product for the project, it is a vote of confidence for all our investors where we have decided the creation with the best design and with an important “chapter” it is part of the product ready and working.

After the token sales, we will be able to complete the rest of the circuit with the most advance technology where all will be interconnected.

It will give us important information for reach positive incomes in the Q2 or Q3 of this year. We are working hard all the team for the benefit of our investors. We can ensure that we will get positive results in our financial statemnts really fast due to this decision adopted.