3 min readJul 2, 2022

It is a pleasure to communicate with our entire community again, we have decided due to lack of security and repeated scams that unfortunately some of our followers suffered in the telegram group, use part of our budget to cover their losses. Once again scammers use the media to clone accounts and scam people in good faith.
At Wasteinfonet we consider the situations and although we have not increased funds, it is our philosophy to always accompany our community and in this case take responsibility for the people who suffered the scams.
This left us with a huge financial problem, added to a bear market, and the continuous sale of projects without fundamentals, which flooded the market.
As CEO of Wasteinfonet, together with my team during these three long months we have decided to continue working, continue developing our project, and we find ourselves working on a totally new basis that will be something of great impact and novelty for the crypto world.
We also consider with our CFO, that it is not the right time for the market to release any type of news since its great value and impact would be overshadowed by the great investor pessimism.
Both my team and I have never run, Wasteinfonet is now 2 years old and we have not gone running to raise funds, we believe in the long term and above all we also know that to achieve the acceptance of new business units, a business climate is required that is currently not present.

We have personally considered giving some updates to our community of followers, and we know that there is a lot of pessimism and many investors who lost almost all their money, but I am completely sure that this fall like all, will generate new opportunities, and a more “mature” market.

Among the highlights that I want to tell you is that Wasteinfonet continues in full development with its entire team, creating, improving and always innovating.
This time also helped us to rethink and rethink new paths, new ideas, and add plans and parallel projects that were going to be launched after Wasteinfonet, but in this case times changed, and the entire Wasteinfonet team will never stop growing and grow, we are fervently convinced that it is useless to launch a token like so many other projects, 99% to be more exact do it and after a couple of months the investors who bet end up losing everything. If this had been our plan, we would have already gone out to increase funds, this already presents us to the community as several acts of seriousness and transparency.

Now we will go for a business model where Wasteinfonet will be launched with an integrated base of other business units that we will soon let you know, and that we are also working on them, as project director I can assure you that the crypto world will have a product that has never been seen before.

We believe that the value with all this time continues to add up and capitalize, we are convinced that the cryptographic market will improve and that it will be healthy for many investors to be more trained not only to buy marketing, but also to buy real facts, real bets in the future with sustenance.

The integrated core thought would imply a unique synergy, and although we had to face unplanned events, this made us stronger and gave us more experience for the development of a new integrated model that was previously thought to be launched in stages.

We will be in contact with you soon, and both our followers, as well as our people who work on airdrops and bounties, we can also tell you that this work will also be rewarded very soon.

It is true, we depend on the market and that we once again have a new cycle that allows us to carry out everything planned, but we are confident that this will happen, and that our great daily work will have immense rewards.

Dr. Federico Fornicoia — CEO Wasteinfonet.




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