2 min readJun 13, 2021

As always we have more things for sharing with our community, in this case, we are glad to announcement that finally we are working in the integration of networks and systems, and the most important announcement is our Token WIF, it will have the utility for the crypto community, we will pay with WIF token our users of the mobile app for scanning daily the garbage and transfer information, real, safety and with a tremendous refferral program.

Allowing the member of our community obtain passive incomes / rewards for the work done more yours refferrals. So, we will use the token and we want to keep it working all time. Later the users will be ablet to “hold” or “sell” the tokens and get cash, however, we suggested hold them because we have plans for make this business in a big font of profits.

By other side. the tokens will be deliver from our smart Database, so you will have an ewallet for receive and save them.

WE ARE GLAD TO ANNOUNCE THAT WE WILL RUN WITH THE “BINANCE SMART CHAIN” the fastest, disruptive and revolutionary blockchain allowing our members pay lower gas costs in all transactions, and allowing us to reduce costs.

We will send our token to the best exchanges and Dexs, once launched the token sales, so all the information proccessed and classified with alghoritm and A.I. will be deliver to companies for taking millionaire decisions.

Companies will pay with WIF token for the information received or for any special request, buying the tokens in the market. However, they will have options to buy our tokens directly from our Database for make the payments.

The circuit will be defined according each country, each city, or each special place.

The total of WIF token are: 100.000.000, total supply.

They will have a burnable program according to several factors.

WIF tokens using Smart Contract will deliver all mobile app users the WIF token in the same moment, avoiding delays.

WIF token: 18 decimals.

Contract address: 0xdf5abc0d53ce2391a258839a0d25bf70002f8035

We have decided a relative low supply, taking account that our token will have a high rotation, but in low amounts by one side and in higher amounts by other side. (user/mobile app) and (companies).

Our investors will have a lot of advantages, a relative low supply, a token with high utility and demand, our program of burn WIF token according our business, and running by the BSC that is really low cost transactions.

Our token was verified in BSCscan, and it is offering all safety meassures.





We are a disruptive project extracting data from the waste and turn it into millionaire information for smart decisions. Our website domain