Food, Snacks & Beverages to the waste.

The concentration of the Food, Snacks & Beverage industry in the world makes the 10 largest companies lead the world market, all of them being multinationals, and we also find information that only 75 companies lead practically 80% of the world market.

In other words, we find ourselves with a small number of leading and multinational companies, which in turn have many different brands, a great diversity of products, and tremendous global power, but also with a large number of small and medium-sized companies in all countries. Although they represent a smaller percentage of the market share, they are very important due to their growth and potential.

Our income will be from negotiations by countries with these leading companies and with medium-sized companies.

It is important to mention that all the brands of these 10 great multinational leaders that make thousands and thousands of products, dairy, beverages, sweets, cereals, chocolates, etc., allow us to work on a great basis for development.

WasteInfonet has spent months conducting market studies, in-depth analysis of companies by country, as well as of each of the multinationals and their multiplicity of brands and products.



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