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5 min readDec 11, 2021

From the beginning, the entire Wasteinfonet team had the conviction of always being at the forefront and permanent development, from its creativity to incorporate disruptive and innovative information systems based on garbage, and a millionaire business not yet exploited anywhere in the world. world, to the flexibility for permanent adaptation that characterizes each and every one of the team members.
When you ask us, its development is strictly based on garbage and scanning systems, we answer forcefully that no, we have a team with training in business and technology, taking the advantages of the DEFI space, Blockchain technology and its undisputed security , and we add our versatility and continuous improvement to offer a project with the greatest viability.
We cannot know the future, but we can make different action plans, and be permanently observing and analyzing what the crypto ecosystem is developing day by day, which allows us to create predictive models where we have algorithms and human intelligence to mutate. according to the context and development space in which we work.
Wasteinfonet maintains observations all the time and analyzes its predictive models and pre-designed systems and carefully planned sections on each of its steps, which transforms us not only into an innovative project in constant change according to what the market demands, and from According to the evolution of the cryptographic space, if not we can also say that we are a project whose main characteristic is always to be thinking, preparing and developing new condiments to obtain the best combination.
Permanent team meetings, observation and analysis of other projects and new ideals, all grouped in order to finish with following a path and a plan if we observe and have the necessary tools and knowledge to realize that structural and dynamic-based transformation is the that today guarantees success.
The mutations on the basic idea, is in our case a challenge that we carry forward offering everything necessary for our investment community to participate in a project with a totally different management from the rest.
Not only will we continue on this basis of better and permanent developments, but also the entire team is working tirelessly on each section traveled and each section to be covered.
Having the greatness to review ourselves and make a permanent self-criticism to be adapted to permanent change, and this does not mean not having a clear horizon, we are sure where we are going, we know that there are many roads, many routes that intersect but that in the combination of all Those routes we seek to travel through the best options.
All the Start-up projects launched have a development phase, an implementation phase and finally a phase of trying to achieve mass adoption, however the statistics and our research show us that the adoption phase is in which 98% of the projects does not achieve the objectives, and we have not observed a project where the management decided to carry out a transformation of its model to achieve adaptations to everything that the demand is requiring. Due to these situations, we have worked and implemented a transition model that is based on assuring our investors that while we work in this adoption phase, we also design a system of stages that allows us to travel along a parallel growth path while we achieve that our work is develop to achieve the long-awaited adoption. These stages must be defined, and we have defined that it is not one stage or the other, but rather that they are both stages in parallel, they are two routes that in the end come together to reach the objective, achieving the best equation for our investors in terms of time. and sustainability. The dynamics of the crypto investor shows us that it costs him a lot to think even in the medium and long term, and that he needs profitability quickly. And this is something that we have read and we have adapted our structure to make it possible.
We basically want to mark two parallel stages, and both will be found to be functional to each other.

On the one hand, it is not necessary to highlight our main objectives, but we also have predictive models on the time of adoption and I expect that stage will be delayed, and on the other hand we have added a so-called “transition stage to turn the project into something very appealing for all investors “and this means listening to the investment community and offering everything that is within our reach. For this reason, I want to comment on some basic points in summary:
In the first stage and while we are working on the adoption we add instruments that allow both users to work with us to scan

For this reason, I want to comment on some basic points in summary:
In the first stage and while we are working on the adoption we add instruments that allow both users who work with us scanning the garbage to obtain rewards based on a system on which we have allocated 20% of our Total Supply to generate rewards not only For “Scan and Refer” if not we also add features to our Smart Contract using the Auto USDT Rewards method, an intelligent system based on daily rewards that will help and encourage various communities to participate by scanning and earning and at the same time building a large base of data.
On the investor side, we are building a Staking Pool so that they can also deposit their tokens and obtain great benefits while we evolve through the adoption route.
Transformation and permanent development enable us to constantly improve the business model.
We have also implemented a system known as “BuyBack & Burn” to gradually reduce by burning part of our offer which will produce a gradual increase in the price of our token.
Great advances are coming, and many more features and strategies will be implemented, Wasteinfonet is the revolution IS HERE NOW.






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