3 min readJul 4, 2021

Our team wants to communicate to the entire community important advances, which we have achieved with hard work, we are building every part of what will be a great business where all parts will receive benefits, designed on an idea and a structure never seen before. where we will extract a lot of information and also create value.
Our users who participate with us using our APP through scans and our permanent improvement on our intelligent database, will have monthly passive income.
Every month, every week, every day, we are all working to create the garbage revolution, the information revolution, and the creation of millions today wasted around the world.
We are happy to announce that we have finally decided to work with the Binance blockchain, a fast, reliable, secure, and low-cost network. We have created our token WIF (Wasteinfonet) currently running on the Binance network. BSC.
Our token will have a wide utility, pay the users who produce the information, receive payments from our client companies who will receive strategic information to make million-dollar decisions, and never a token was designed to be so useful.
We will have a small floating, with which we will also add value to our investors, the total circulating supply will really be another advantage, since our token will be a true Utility token.
On the other hand, we are very close to launching our product for the community, this will be our APP connected to our SMART DATABASE, with surprising functionalities, and every day we will add new functions already planned.
Finally, before the token sale, we are delivering the product working and we are going in a first stage to work on predetermined strategies, and a group of specific countries.
A part of the team is already in negotiations with several clients, to work together.
We have also launched a bounty program where we seek the active participation of the entire crypto community, and whose final stage will be the use of our product and be part of our team.
We are also happy to announce that we are designing basic user manuals, for people unfamiliar with the crypto world, we want everyone to be able to participate and be part of the growth of Wasteinfonet, help medium and low income communities by doing simple tasks scaneos, or specific jobs requested by our clients, on the other hand we will transform into a company with profits and we will also help non-profit organizations by sending free information to save the environment.
We are in talks with some protocols and we will also launch a token sale, allowing investors to be part of a great growth.
Many things to come, new countries that we are landing, and basically we also want to inform you that we will have important partners where we will work with them.
Much more coming soon ….




We are a disruptive project extracting data from the waste and turn it into millionaire information for smart decisions. Our website domain