3 min readAug 4, 2021

First of all a pleasure to have all the support of the English-speaking community and other communities, as CEO of WasteInfonet, we use this medium that we love only to give updates to the entire community and the cryptographic space.
As CEO I have all the responsibility of taking Wasteinfonet to a positive terrain and based on a business model and a multiple management system based on a great coordination of activities and their planning all at the same time. We have built a model where all participants obtain benefits, an ecosystem where everyone wins, in which business model everyone wins?
We build all the time, on what is built, we redesign on what is designed, and we take time to take each step, in each step that we have deviations I mainly take care of immediately correcting that deviation, it does not matter if the deviation is a minor correction, or an important change that involves even a change in human resources, which is the most precious and valuable asset, but as a team manager, I am very clear that everything needs to come together for the continuous improvement of Wasteinfonet.
After that, I will announce our latest news:
1. We have developed new functionalities in the application, and we are still improving the product day by day without stopping.
2. We have established ourselves in one of our main objective, which was the contact with different countries that will be part of our first stage, we are connecting with people of other languages, we continue doing the research as the first day, and we are going for much more.
3. Our special Bounty program will be relaunched soon allowing not only to obtain tokens without a place to work with us, to earn tokens for tasks performed, plus an extraordinary referral program. Selected participants may have locations to start with us with our product already working.
4. We are also already in advanced negotiations with various protocols and platforms for a successful token sale, which allows us to finance growth and develop several of our strategies.
We are looking for investors who earn money with us, we are looking for them to join us in a project that is already working on adoption before selling a single token.
5. We are working on more reward systems not only for our user information collectors but also for our investments through Staking pools.
We create a model to which we add more ingredients every day that makes us stronger.
6. So far we have already selected 3 countries that will work with us and where we will search through microsegmentation and focused strategies, landing, gaining followers and users, but above all offering our client companies information that they would never have imagined.
7. When do they ask us when? we dedicate them soon …
When they ask us how? We say to them working in coordination in each point of the world interconnected, debating and discussing, we define ourselves as a group open to new ideas and constant and permanent growth.
When they ask us why the delays? We tell you, there are no times, times are subject to improvements, and troubles to mistakes.

For me it is a pleasure to be able to tell you that in August very important news is coming, and that every day we are stronger, and that behind each one of us there are many people working …

The best is yet to come … simply Wasteinfonet.

Dr. Federico Fornicoia — CEO — Team Manager WasteInfonet.




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